Who We Are

The Kshatriya Seva Samithi (KSS), a not-for-profit Society, was established, on 29th December 1996, driven by compassion and Guided by humanist values. The KSS’s endeavor is that all community members must have equal access to opportunities and resources, and actively work and build their lives and their future. By compassionate interventions and charitable service, KSS aims to engage, inspire, enable, empower and enrich community – in both rural and urban areas of AP & Telangana. KSS is committed to the poorest of the poor and marginalised in the community and beyond, and seeks to create lasting improvements in their lives. KSS trusts in the generosity, empathy, and agency of people and its core values are service, charity, and cooperation.

We envisioned to serve through key areas such as Education, Skills Training, Entrepreneurship, Employment, Health,  Medical Care, Welfare Of Widows, Destitute, Poor Women, Disabled, Old, and Below Poverty-line Families In Particular. Over the years, KSS has gained credibility as the most trusted Non-Profit, Non-Government and Registered Organization with a track record of serving the people of the bottom of the pyramid, to reach the un-reached in the community.

Today, it not only serves the most deserving and needy in our community but also extend our helping hand beyond our community barriers, reaching the needy people in other sections of the society. This is only made possible through generous donations, contributions, we have received from over 4000+ members of our community like you.

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KSS truly believes in generosity and kindness comes from the empathetic and compassionate heart, regardless of reciprocation and the same also reflects in the way KSS bestow its kindness and generosity to its beneficiaries and recipients. KSS endeavours that this legacy shall continue on with the same passion and enthusiasm.


Inspiring people where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all “


To implement sustainable programs for overall development of the Community and uplifting them to a higher level of dignity and development, self-sufficiency and self-esteem, especially in key areas such as Education, Employment, Elderly care, Women Empowerment, Health and Medical care.

Thinking Globally and acting Locally, preserving our Heritage and culture.

Our continued success over last 50+ Years gives us the foundation to be stronger and more efficient than ever. In order to do this, we are focusing on three strategic priorities:

  1. Expanding our reach  by both creating and growing existing programs.

  2. Strengthening our Network by collectively increasing member base.
  3. Mobilizing More Support from corporate and individuals allowing us to support more children and families in the community.



We take responsibility for using our resources efficiently, accomplishing results and being accountable to our elders, patrons, donors, members and supporters from the community.


We set high goals and then work hard to pursuit them. Year-on-year, we attempt to increase the quality of our service which makes a direct impact on several lives of Kshatriya community and other deprived lives in society.


We have full faith in the power of working together, forming partnerships and breaking the silos. Our teamwork is impeccable and together we tap the available resources in the best possible manner and work for the good of community and society. 


We value the power of ideas. Innovation excites us. And we constantly come up with creative and novel solutions for the betterment of society.


The KSS acts with integrity, adopting values and creating a culture which helps achieve the organisation’s purposes. We maintain the respect of our stakeholders, beneficiaries and the public by behaving with integrity.

Executive Committee (2018-2021)

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